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Writing Credits


Television and Film

Girlfriends                                                                      Half Hour Sitcom

The Bernie Mac Show                                                       Half Hour Sitcom

MTV Sketch Comedy                                                         Half Hour Pilot

BET Screen Scene (Segment Writer)                                   480 Written and Produced

BET Comic View                                                               Sketch Comedy Show

In Living Color                                                                 Sketch Comedy Show

Phaken the Phunk                                                             Feature

National Black Arts Festival                                                Radio Commercials

Hats: A Tribute to Harriet Tubman                                     PSA Commercials



The Soul Train Awards                               Opening and Closing Credits                        

The NAACP Image Awards                           Celebrity Banter                                         

The Come Up                                              An Original Feature By Devon Shepard

In the House                                                Various Scripts  

Mad TV                                                        Various Sketches 

Martin                                                          Half Hour Comedy

Black Moon                                                   Original Screen Play by Devon Shepard

The Jaime Foxx Show                                    Four Episodes for Original Character


Spec. Sitcom Scripts

The Bernie Mac Show


Twilight Zone

Heavens Gate

Mad TV Sketch Comedy

SNL Sketch Comedy



Feature Films and Half Hour Television Projects 

(WGA Registered)

Son of Sledge:  The Charlie Pride Story                             Feature – Biography

The New Edition Story                                                     Feature -  Biography

The Balling Cannons                                                        Feature -  Drama/Comedy

The Island                                                                       Feature -  Drama

The Never Lasting Storm                                                  MOW   -  Romance

The Pact                                                                         Feature -  Drama/Comedy

Pimp 24/7 (Assoc. Producer)                                             Hour Drama HBO

Heavens Gate                                                                   Sitcom

Untitled Pilot for Singer Usher                                           Sitcom

Untitled Pilot for Singers Keith Sweat                                 Sitcom

Untitled Pilot for Lil’ John                                                 Sitcom

Comedy Material for the following Comedians...

Chris Tucker,

Anthony Anderson,

Steve Harvey,

J. Anthony Brown,

Roy Feagan,

Richard Pryor w/Paul Mooney (BET Interview),

Jimmy Fallon,

D.L. Huhgley,  and Various Infamous Comedians (Atl.,NY.,L.A.)



Walter Franks

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