Walter Franks III
Phone: (805) 210 – 4383
Union Affiliation(s):  SAG/AFTRA/EQUITY/Writers Guild of America
Special Skills:
Actor (film/tv/commercials)
Voice Over Artist
Writer (sitcoms and Feature Films)

What I Seek:
Representation that understands and sees through to the strength of his/her ability which enables him/her to create and bring to fruition the ideas and career guidance necessary to launch “celebrity”.  Representation that sees the money potential within the plan set forth and agreed upon by us both.  As well, actively seek and take every step within ones power to see the plan through.
With the above list of special skills I have a break-through plan that marries every skill I possess in order to execute that plan of action. 
THE PLAN is as follows:
Celebrity Life/Career that I most admire:  Will Smith
Stand Up Comedy: 
This is a link exposure that I find to be most useful.  It creates on the spot auditions and Job possibilities and creates an immediate fan base with out the use of television or film.
Top Three Comedy Clubs (LA):  Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, The Improv
Top Three Comedy Clubs (NY): Gotham, Carolines, Comix
Ultimate Result of Plan:
Series regular on Saturday Night Live: I desire a run of three years maximum and one year minimum

Transition 1:

A Sit Com with Walter Franks holding the titles of : Created by, produced by, written by, and starring.  I only desire to direct after 1 season is successfully in the can.

Marketing:  This is a key factor to building the Walter Franks brand. 
(full plan divulged upon request)
Transition 2:

A Movie career launched with ideas I will present in person following a NDA.  The idea of the feature films I will be apart of will create a new way the public will recognize the Walter Franks brand.  There by making stronger the Celebrity that is already in existence.

Presently I am training, on my own, for the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the feature film on the life of Martin Luther king Jr. to be produced by Dream Works.  The role carries a (3) Three million dollar payday and a great launching pad.
Transition 3:


Walter Franks

(805) 210 - 4383


To play Martin Luther King Jr. in the forth coming feature film by Dream Works.  $3,000,000 payday and the luxury of becoming a named client.

Series regular on Saturday Night Live!